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Machines & Capabilities

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At Launceston Engineering, we specialise in CNC & precision machining, general engineering, heat treatment of metal products & light fabrication. With a diverse range of machinery and tooling, no job is too big or too small - be it a small one-off part or a large production run, we have the machinery to handle that demand and complete the project to the highest standard.

CNC Machines

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Kiheung Combi U6 Universal Mill

Table: 2200mm x 600mm
Travel: (X, Y, Z) 1600mm x 750mm x 700mm
Load: 2000kg

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Pinnacle VMC 1100S Machine Centre

Table: 1300mm x 600mm
Travel: (X, Y, Z) 1140mm x 610mm x 610mm
Load: 850kg

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Daewoo Puma 12L CNC Lathe

Swing Over Bed:570mm
Swing Over Saddle: 480mm
Between Centres: 1020mm
Spindle Bore: 78mm

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Microcut BNC 2280 XL CNC Lathe

Swing Over Bed: 550mm
Swing Over Saddle: 310mm
Between Centres: 2000mm
Spindle Bore: 106mm

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Haas Digital Dividing Head

This can be attached to any of our mills for quick and precise gear tooth cutting, hole spacing's and helical slotting.

Manual Machines

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TOS SU100 Lathe

Swing Over Bed:1050mm
Swing Over Saddle: 750mm
Between Centres: 2000mm
Spindle Bore: 102mm

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Hwacheon HL-460 Lathe

Swing Over Bed: 460mm
Swing Over Saddle: 280mm
Between Centres: 1500mm
Spindle Bore: 52mm

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Yannan CY-L 1640 Lathe

Swing Over Bed: 400mm
Swing Over Saddle: 258mm
Between Centres: 1000mm
Spindle Bore: 52mm

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Accutech 2500 Universal Mill

Table: 1500mm x 350mm
Travel: (X,Y,Z) 1150mm x 400mm x 500mm

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Vertical Slotter

Overhang: 600mm
Height From Table: 500mm
Indexing Table:

  • Deckle FP1 Tool Room Mill

    Table: 600mm x 200mm
    Fully Universal

  • Repco Surface Grinder

    Table: 450L x 160W x 270H

  • Macson Tool Grinder


Heat Treatment

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Horizontal Box Furnace

Capacity: 800mm x 500mm x 500mm
Incorporating the carbo-drip process for case hardening steels, the furnace can provide a neutral atmosphere of up to 1100C for hardening and tempering of tool steels, stress relieving, annealing etc.
With considerable experience in this field, we are able to offer advice on material selection and application to our customers.

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HAUSER Hardness Tester


  • Tempering Pot

    250mm x 350mm Deep